Troubleshooting Agent Connectivity

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Note: Applies to Hyperfish hybrid (on-premises AD) deployments only

If you are experiencing problems pairing the Hyperfish Agent to the Hyperfish Service, or the Hyperfish Service will not continuously run, the following troubleshooting steps may help to resolve your issue. 

When it comes to agent connectivity, the Hyperfish Service relies on two outbound port connections.

443 (HTTPS) 

This port is used for API calls to authenticate the agent installation, check for licenses, and downloading the current configuration from the Hyperfish cloud service.

During Hyperfish Agent installation, you are asked to enter an eight-character code provided by the Hyperfish web application. 

When the on-boarding flow will not progress from the agent download / code retrieval page, it is usually due to failed agent registration. 

If your environment uses a proxy for HTTPS connectivity, the Hyperfish Agent will assume the proxy settings configured for the service account. This can be configured by accessing Internet Options and LAN Settings during a browser session as the service account:


5671 (AMQPS) 

This port is used for the Hyperfish queue service. If the Hyperfish Service will not stay running, it is usually an indication that port 5671 is blocked.

When the agent loses connectivity over this port, the Hyperfish web application will show a "Directory Disconnected" warning, and the agent will attempt to reconnect until connection is re-established.

To manually test connectivity over this port, attempt to make the following telnet connection to the Hyperfish message queuing service endpoint:

telnet 5671

This tests name resolution and network connectivity on the port.

You will need to enable the Telnet feature from 'Turn Windows Features On or Off' on the server, if the telnet client isn't already enabled.

If the connection is successful, you should see nothing, and any input will result in disconnection. Otherwise, an error message will be produced.

If you have opened the port locally, but the test still fails, you may need to work with network security personnel to troubleshoot and ensure the port is allowed at the network edge.  




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