Normalizing Profile Information with Regular Expression in Hyperfish

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Normalizing employee information across an organization is one of the many benefits of adopting Hyperfish. It is not uncommon for third-party applications to rely on Active Directory for employee information in a specific format.

Using Hyperfish, Regular Expression patterns can be applied to attributes by setting up a custom format from Hyperfish Settings -> Attributes.

Step 1. 

Select the 'Formats' tab, then click '+ Add Format' from the top or bottom of the list:

Step 2. 

Add a label and description for the new format, and select 'Text Input' as the render type. A 'Pattern' field will emerge, allowing for the input of a regular expression pattern:


Here are some patterns to get started with: 

  Example Regular Expression Pattern
North American Number Pattern - Hyphen Separated, with area code  123-456-7890 ^[2-9]\d{2}-\d{3}-\d{4}$
North American Number Pattern - with area code, accepts dashes, dots, and spaces as separators (123) 456-7890, 123-4567, 123.456.7890 ^\(\d{3}\)\s?|\d{3}(\.|-|\s)?)\d{3}(\.|-|\s)?\d{4}$
UK Phone Number - with international option  +44 (0)1234 567890, 01234-567890 ^\s*\(?((\+0?44)?\)?[ \-]?(\(0\))|0)((20[7,8]{1}\)?[ \-]?[1-9]{1}[0-9]{2}[ \-]?[0-9]{4})|([1-8]{1}[0-9]{3}\)?[ \-]?[1-9]{1}[0-9]{2}[ \-]?[0-9]{3}))\s*$
UK Mobile Phone Number +44 7123 456 789, 07123 456789 ^(\+44\s?7\d{3}|\(?07\d{3}\)?)\s?\d{3}\s?\d{3}$
PA,OH,MI, License Plates (e.g. for employee parking)  ABC 1234, DEF 5678 ^[A-Z]{3}(\s)?[0-9]{4}$

More examples and other RegEx tools can be found at

Step 3.

After applying your new format, the corresponding attribute field in the Hyperfish Profile Update page will validate using the specified RegEx pattern:




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