Installing and Adding the Hyperfish Web Parts

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  • An installed and configured Hyperfish Standard or Premium subscription

  • SharePoint Online Tenant

  • Advanced Profile Features needs to be enabled (Settings -> General)
    Note: After Advanced Profile Features are activated, at least one daily full audit must be completed. (Scheduled time can be configured from Settings -> General).

  • The Hyperfish SharePoint web part package:

    Download the Hyperfish Web Part Package 

Installing the Hyperfish Profile, Live Directory, and Org Chart Web Parts

The following steps will add the Hyperfish SharePoint Web Part package to your Organization.

1   Navigate to the SharePoint Admin Center, e.g.

2   From the SharePoint Admin Center side-bar, navigate to 'apps' -> 'App Catalog' -> 'Apps for SharePoint'

3   Click '+ New' to add a new app, 'Choose Files' and locate the Hyperfish Web Part Package, and click 'OK'

The Hyperfish Profile Webpart should appear withd a Product ID '{A6FF940E-4893-450B-8D91-FACC995C34EE}':


4   You will be asked to consent and trust the Hyperfish Profile Webpart.

You must select "Make this solution available to all sites in the organization" if you want to allow the WebPart to be added to pages in any site in SharePoint.

Click 'Deploy' to finish adding the app:


Adding a Hyperfish Web Part to a Site Page

1   Navigate to the target SharePoint site page, enter 'Edit' mode to add a web part :

You should see the Hyperfish Directory and Hyperfish Profile web parts in the menu.


2   Select the Hyperfish WebPart you'd like to add and publish the changes:


The Profile Web Part


The Live Directory Web Part


Web Part Localization

Hyperfish currently offers the Profile, Live Directory and Organizational Chart web parts in English, Dutch, German and French. To utilize a language other than English, the latest app package will need to be installed ( To utilize these additional languages, the desired language will need to be added as a preferred language to the site the web part will be hosted on. Lastly, the user accessing the page will need to have the same language set as their preferred language within their SharePoint profile.


If you have any trouble installing or adding the Hyperfish SharePoint Web Part package, please contact 


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