Data Governance and the Hyperfish Experience

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Note: Applies to Hyperfish Lite (photos) and Hyperfish Standard/Premium (photos and attributes) products. 

When using Hyperfish to manage specific attributes within your organization's employee directory, it becomes important to make sure the ways in which users are able to modify information do not work against you. 

For example, with the Office 365 Connector enabled, Hyperfish does a great job of propagating user photos to Active Directory, Exchange online, and SharePoint Online photo stores at optimal resolutions. This harmony is easily disrupted if a user is able to change their profile photo through applications other than Hyperfish, such as Skype for Business. 

The following instructions explain how to best configure the Office 365 experience so that Hyperfish can work as effectively as possible for your organization. 


Profile Photos in Office 365

When a user submits a profile photo with Hyperfish, the photo is resized for the 100kB thumbnailPhoto size limit and applied to Active Directory (96x96). With the Hyperfish Office 365 connector enabled, the connector is notified and resizes the original image to the optimal resolutions for both the Exchange Online (648x648) and SharePoint Online (S 48x48, M 72x72, L 120x120) photo stores, and applies them there instantly without having to wait for the standard photo synchronization (up to 72 hours). 

The ability for users to change profile photos within the Office 365 experience is governed by OWA mailbox policies. To disable the ability for users to change profile photos within the O365 experience, create an Exchange Online PowerShell session and run
Set-OwaMailboxPolicy -SetPhotoEnabled $false
applying it to the Exchange Online mailbox policy for the users you'd like to set this for.

Note: At the time of writing, it is not yet possible to restrict profile photo changes in Microsoft Teams. Microsoft has stated that the feature is, "in the works," and that the feature will likely be released during the 2018 calendar year. However, It is 2019 and the feature status is still 'Working on it':

All Other Attributes

1   Sign-in to the SharePoint Online Admin Center ( and navigate to User Profiles -> Manager User Properties:

2   Edit the property you would like to manage and under 'Edit Settings' uncheck the box labeled 'Allow users to edit values for this property':



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