Setting up a Vanity Domain

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Note:This feature is only available with Hyperfish Premium

Configuring your Vanity Domain

It is possible to set up a vanity domain for your Hyperfish environment. This means you can customize the URL your end users will navigate to in order to preview and update profile pages. This will aid in promoting end user engagement and lowering the chance of end users seeing Hyperfish emails as possible phishing attacks.


1  Setting Up a Sub Domain

To setup a vanity domain, you will need to first setup a custom sub domain, eg, such as '' Then you will need to create a DNS record for the sub domain. This record will be a CNAME record that routes to

2   Providing Certificates

Next, Hyperfish requires an SSL Certificate in PEM Format +a KEY file (No password on the KEY file). GoDaddy refers to this as an APACHE Format. The link below will go into more detail for your reference.

GoDaddy SSL Certificate Information

If you are interested in setting up a vanity domain and currently have Hyperfish Standard, please reach out to our Sales team for assistance.

If your group already has Hyperfish Premium, please reach out to the Customer Success team at to request setup.

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