Utilizing the Live Directory Web Part

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*For use with Premium Hyperfish Package, applies to both Hybrid and Online environments.

Advance Profile Features will need to be enabled within Hyperfish


The Hyperfish Live Directory Web Part brings together employee information into an easy to use search experience within Office 365. Live Directory leverages the accurate and up to date employee information that Hyperfish provides. Additionally, the Personalized Org Chart feature revolutionizes the way you can view and manage your company's entire directory.

 Search Bar and Setting Filter Criteria

Once you have successfully implemented the Live Directory Web Part in your SharePoint site, your web part should look similar to the image below.

The search bar (highlighted in orange in the image above) allows you to search for a specific user by name or subset of users based on single or multiple attributes. The default web part will display one or two attributes to filter from. You may also add any attribute you are already managing within your Hyperfish environment.

To add or remove attributes that you wish to use as filters, first edit the SharePoint page the web part is listed on. Once in edit mode, select the pencil icon on the web part. This will bring up the configuration pane.

There are 3 main sections within the configuration pane. The first section pertains to adding or removing filters to the web part. When you expand this option within your own environment, you will see all of the attributes that are currently in use within your Hyperfish tenant. You can add any of these attributes as filters to the web part. To do this, select the drop down under Filter Options. Check the box next to each attribute you would like to have displayed on the web part.  If you would like to adjust the order each attribute is displayed on the web part you can do so by selecting the up or down arrows to the right side of each attribute on the configuration pane.

 Profile Cards

Profile cards display a set of attributes relating to a specific user. When performing a search, profile cards for each user matching the search string will populate.

Here's an example of what a search result with profile cards could look like:

You can edit the attributes shown on the profile cards by navigating to the Card Fields section of the configuration pane.

Table View

If you would rather view search results in a table view over the profile cards, you can do so by selecting the icon highlighted in red in the image below. Within the configuration pane, under Table Options you are able to edit which attributes are shown in the table view, as well as the order they are in. Lastly, you can tab between the table and profile card view at anytime you are looking at the results of a search.

By selecting the table icon, your results will now show in a table format like the example shown below.

 Note: The option to export your results to an Excel spreadsheet on the right hand side of the image above. This can be useful if you wish to save a department or group of users locally on your machine.

If you wish to edit the table options, you can do so by editing the web part, and navigating to the configuration pane. Under 'table options' you can adjust the order and which attributes are displayed on the table.


Personalized Org Chart

Whether you are viewing your search results in the profile or table view, you'll notice there is an icon on each user that looks like this; 

If you select this for any given user, it will illustrate a personalized organizational chart view. Whichever user is selected will become the focus of the Personalized Org Chart.

For example, if Annelie Zubar's Org Chart icon is selected from her profile card, the following Org Chart will appear with Annelie at the center. You can identify who is in the center by the Org Chart icon showing up in blue rather than white.

 If Julian Isla's Org Chart icon is selected, the view will be updated and focus on Julian with all of his direct reports listed below him:


From the Org Chart view, you can select any user and this will display their profile card. This is the first version of the Hyperfish Org Chart that we have released. With more versions already being developed Hyperfish plans to expand the overall functionality and features for the Live Directory Web Part.


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