Advanced Profile Features

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Note: Applies to Hyperfish Standard and Premium Products in Hybrid and Online Configurations.


Hyperfish has added the ability to utilize the Hyperfish Live Directory and Organizational Chart web parts without having to enable Profile Validation. Historically, the only way to use the Live Directory and Org Chart Web Parts was to enable the Profile Validation feature.

Profile Validation is a feature that reaches out to users via email, to confirm that their current profile information is accurate and up to date. This was a potential conflict for organizations that did not want to use Profile Validation, but did want to utilize the web parts. With the introduction of Advanced Profile Features, this is no longer the case.

Note: In order to use Profile Validation, Advanced Profile Features will need to be enabled as a prerequisite.

About the 'Advanced Profile Features' Setting

When enabled, 'Advanced Profile Features' takes a daily snapshot of user data, during the Daily Full Scan. This data is cached and used to help improve overall search performance and  functionality. This feature will need to be enabled for the Profile Validation feature, Org Chart, and Live Directory web parts to function correctly.

For organizations with Profile Validation already enabled, Advanced Profile Features is enabled by default. You should not expect any changes to occur with the addition of this new feature for end users.

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