Utilizing the Organizational Chart Web Part

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 *For use with Hyperfish Premium, for both Hybrid and Online Configurations

Advanced Profile Features will need to be enabled within Hyperfish


The Hyperfish Org Chart web part provides everyone in your company visibility into all the divisions, teams and people within it and makes it simple to connect and collaborate across the entire organization.

The web part provides organizations with a reliable, customizable and easy-to-use Org Chart within their intranet. It's powered by the Hyperfish service and utilizes our bot technology (Hyperbot) to proactively engage employees to ensure profile information is always up-to-date and complete.

 Installing and Configuring the Org Chart Web Part

 For instructions to install the Org Chart web part into your environment please click here.

Once installed, the web part requires that a root user be entered. The root user will be the default individual shown at the top of the Org Chart (Richard Roe is the root user in the example below).


To set the root user, edit the SharePoint site page and then the web part. A configuration pane will appear.  Expand the Chart Options section and input the root user. The root user can be changed at any time.

Organizational Chart Settings


There are five main categories that allow your team to customize the Org Chart to fit seamlessly within your SharePoint Site.  These sections are broken down in detail below.  

Chart and Card Options

The first step to configure the Org Chart will be to set the root user. The root user is the user shown at the top of the hierarchy of the org chart.  This could be a CEO for your home page of your intranet or a Team Lead for a Team Site like Sales or Development. A default chart height can be set here as well.  There are three options when it comes to how the org chart well render. The auto option will switch between the profile cards or just the user's image depending on the zoom the org chart is at. This can be overridden to always show either the profile card or photo depending on your company's preferences.

The card options allows your team to specify what attributes (if any) show up on an end user's profile card. This section also allows you to set the order by which those attributes will be displayed.


Detail, Advanced and Theme Color Options

The Detail Modal section can be disabled if your team would like to show a specific number of attributes on a smaller profile card experience. Under this section, you can also set what attributes you would like to hide from the detailed modal view.



Advanced Options can be utilized to set maximum and minimum zoom level on the org chart. If your team would like to modify when the profile cards collapse to just profile images, this can be modified within this section by setting the card cutoff zoom scale. Lastly, if your team utilizes another attribute to form a hierarchy outside of the Manager attribute, it can be set within the Report Source Field and Report Target Field sections shown above.

If there are certain attributes that you would like to hide the detailed modal, you can select them under the Hidden Attributes section.

Theme Colors can be utilized to match the default color schema your organization is already utilizing in SharePoint.

     With Profile Modal Option                                              Without Profile Modal Option

mceclip0.png                                    mceclip2.png

Selecting this modal button will display the following card:



Understanding the Profile Card

The profile card has three main sections:

Profile Image - Shows the user photo as well as whether or not the user has direct reports under them. The number of direct reports is shown in a blue circle to the right of the image.

Attributes - Attributes that are shown below the user image. These can be adjusted to show any of the attributes currently managed by Hyperfish.

Details Modal Icon - This allows the user to expand an individual user's profile information


If your team has any questions or needs support utilizing the Hyperfish Organizational Chart, please feel free to reach out to Support@Hyperfish.com



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